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25" XPR Halo LED Light Bar

SKU 9911786
Lens Color

The XPR Light bar series provides a powerful long-distance light bar option, that has a distance comparable to HID with all the benefits of LED. The XPR combines powerful 10 watt LEDs with IRIS reflector technology to produce a long-distance spot beam with additional peripheral lighting due to the angled end reflectors. The spot combo beam is the perfect pattern for maximizing lighting distance at high-speeds. 

Driving through harsh weather conditions? No problem. The new Selective Yellow lens option allows you to cut through dust, rain, snow, and fog to maintain maximum visibility.

This light bar also features our infamous back-lit halo function that is run independently on its own separate circuit. Simply tap the halo wire into any accessory 12v power source to have it on for extra style or use as an accessory parking light. 

Each XPR series light bar comes with our dual mounting options included. The standard end cap wing mounts allow for the bar to mounted at max width while our patented feet mounts install underneath the light bar with full horizontal adjustability so you can easily slide them around to match pre-existing mounting holes.

For single bolt end cap mounting (common for roof mounts). Check out our additional end cap mounting accessories found HERE.

The XPR and XPR-S Difference:
The XPR Series Light Bars feature angled end reflectors to provide additional width and peripheral lighting but sacrifices some intensity at the focal point of the beam.
The XPR-S Series harnesses the power of every forward-facing Iris Reflector to project the beam with max intensity and distance at the focal point.

  • Tilted End Reflectors for added Peripheral Lighting
  • IRIS Reflector Technology With Spot Beam
  • Daytime Running Backlit Halo
  • Includes Adjustable Mounting Feet and End Cap Wing Mounts
  • Plug And Play Harness With Relays and Rocker Switch Included 


Product LxWxH
Input Voltage
9-32V DC
AMP Draw
Raw Lumens
12,948 lm
Distance 1,430 ft.
Beam Spot Combo Beam
Warranty Limited Lifetime


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