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The Dr. Livingstone's spun steel camp oven, also known as the Aussie Camp Oven is a single "pot" cooking system for your next outdoor adventure. It can be used as a frypan, boiler, hanging pot and of course a camp oven.

If you were ever looking for a piece of cooking equipment that can do it all then this is a versatile piece of kit. It is made from highest quality spun carbon steel available in Australia for long lasting durability and features fixed handles that will not fall off and rounded corners making this spun steel camp oven very easy to clean. This complete camp pan range is designed for outdoor cooking, over a campfire, on a charcoal grill, or wood stove. The solid design and construction of these camp ovens ensure a long lasting Australian made product for your cooking pleasure.

Alternatively, the lid doubles as a handy frypan so you can sit it on top of your hot coals and cook some bacon and eggs for breakfast or use the strong lifting handle to suspend the oven from a tripod for cooking or boiling water over an open flame. 

Save some valuable weight today and replace your old cast iron dutch oven with a Spun Steel Aussie Camp Oven.



  • Material: Heavy Guage Australian Carbon Steel for long lasting quality,
  • Diameter: 10in to cook up a feast
  • Included stong metal trivet for better convection airflow while cooking
  • Heavy duty fixed carry that will not fall off during use
  • Rounded edges making it easier to clean
  • Australian Made


  • Dimensions: approx 11.81" Wide x 7.09" High (with lid)
  • Internal diameter of the pot is approx 10.43" at the top and 8.86" and the bottom
  • Internal pot height is approx 6.02"
  • Lid dimensions: 11.81" Wide x 1.57" High
  • Internal diameter of the lid (frypan) is approx 10.98"
  • Internal lid height is approx 1.46"
  • Total Weight - 7.75 lbs