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Duda Diesel Heat Exchanger

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SKU B3-12A

B3-12A 20 Plate Heat Exchanger with M5-.08 Mounting Studs. 

7.5" x 2.9" with M5-.08 Mounting Studs

0.24 m² Total Surface Area

304 Stainless Steel, Copper Brazed

1/2" Female


304 Stainless Steel has good general corrosion resistance to a range of organic and in-organic fluids. It will have poor resistance to sulfuric and hydrochloric acids. Crevice corrosion may also occur when chlorides (salts) are present in the fluid. Since chlorides are in all natural sources of water it is best to use distilled water whenever possible. Typically, a unit will last about 10-15 years with regular tap water depending on salt content. With water containing chlorides or salt water, the life expectancy of the heat exchanger is reduced to about 3-5 years of continuous use, depending on the quality of the water. It is best to clean the units by back flushing with fresh water if highly contaminated fluids are used.

316 Stainless Steel is used in special applications where the working fluid may attack 304 stainless stee lmore aggressively.

Nickel brazed heat exchangers are designated with a B4 model code.They are used in applications where copper is not suitable for the working fluid. All nickel brazed heat exchangers use SUS316 plates.


Use plate heat exchangers in a counter-flow configuration for highest efficiency. This allows the possibility of the cold fluid exit temperature to reach the temperature of the hot fluid inlet temperature.

Plate heat exchangers mostly utilize convection for their efficiency. Faster flow rates with more contact time (length of unit) will result in higher efficiency. More plates and more width is used mostly for reducing pressure drop through the units. While more plates or an increase in the width of the plates may add some additional efficiency, it is due to more surface area contact and less velocity through the plus, thus reducing convection efficiency. Always choose a unit with more length for more efficiency unless less pressure drop is crucial.

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