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by Solaire
Solaire Grid Scraper for Solaire Anywhere and Everywhere Grills
  • Stainless Steel
  • Fits perfectly into the v-shaped grates
  • Helps keep the grill clean on both warm up and after the 5 minute burn off at the end of a grilling session
  • No bristles that could fall off and end up in food


For Solaire Anywhere, Everywhere, Mini, AllAbouts, 21", 21XL, 27", 27XL, 30", 36", 42", & 56" Solaire grills. A single piece of stainless steel cut and bent to fit perfectly between the grates and scrape out char, food debris, or any other obstruction dirtying the grate.

Use before cooking while the grill is heating up and after the 5 minute burn off when finished cooking to keep your grill grates free from as much char and debris as possible. After the grill has cooled, be sure to clear the debris from the back of the cooking area with a wet paper towel or cloth to help keep the grilling area as clean as possible.