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SolidKit Dual Battery Volt Meter (5th Gen 4Runner, LC200, Etc)


Solid Kit Registered Design Pending

Dual Battery Volt Meter fits in Toyota Switch Socket

Low current draw, only 14 mA per panel (0.336 Ah per day)

Inline fuse protection

Keeping any eye on your battery voltage is the easiest way to manage your battery cycles.  The Solid Kit Dual Battery Volt Meter provides an innovative solution to battery monitoring, by placing the battery voltage displays where they are most useful. Right in front of you in the cabin.

Our design is the perfect match for Toyota vehicles with Dual Battery Systems and seamlessly integrates with the vehicle interior.

Installation is a breeze, without any cutting or drilling required.  Simply connect each power cable to the appropriate power source, and both negative cables to earth.

Switching of the unit may be achieved by combining both earth cables and switching the earth cable on/off.  Similarly, a relay can be used to control the Volt Meter via the ignition key.