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TRIGGER ONE Bluetooth Solid State Relay

by Trigger
SKU 4001

TRIGGER One Solid State Relay with Built-In Bluetooth Connectivity.

Unplug the standard relay inside your vehicle and plug in TRIGGER's One Solid State Relay with Built-In Bluetooth Connectivity 4001. Control your radio, winches, and/or lights with the free trigger plus app via bluetooth. This high-tech feature is a perfect way to keep your lights from draining your battery or your radio system to be ready when you are.

Features and Benefits:
- Plugs into standard relay
- Controlled via free Trigger Plus app
- Wireless dimming and flashing control
- Controls winches or radio system
- Activates flashing mode or brightness control

The TRIGGER ONE works in new or existing installations to add wireless control as well as dimming and flashing to the attached accessory. Control existing vehicle light installations with either an iOS or Android mobile phone. Control a winch or turn on a radio system from outside of the vehicle, add it to a trailer light circuit to activate an outside light from the grill or campfire, or connect it to your lights. In addition to turning circuits on and off, the app allows activation of a flashing mode or brightness control of connected lighting (not all lights are compatible).

The app settings provide momentary activation through standard toggle on or off for individual circuits. Edit accessory names, view detailed instructions, set switch functions, and more from the comprehensive settings screen.

Please Note: The TRIGGER ONE relay does not need to be used with any other TRIGGER accessories. This relay can simply be installed in place of a current standard relay and operated using the free Trigger Plus app for iOS or Android mobile phone.


  • Controlled from App
  • Endless Accessory Options
  • Activates Lights
  • Offers Toggle Modes