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The MITS Alloy Canopy is the ideal solution for a variety of applications ranging from the weekend warrior, to the mobile tradesman, and the to the first responder's emergency command center.

All your gear, always ready, always accessible, and always secure.

Crafting a robust canopy without tipping the scales demands a fresh perspective on frame engineering. MITS has ingeniously fashioned their canopy framework by seamlessly integrating the frame as both the structural backbone and the mounting platform for internal accessories. The proprietary Unistrut design effortlessly accommodates channel nuts, allowing for easy installation and removal of a myriad of internal accessories and keeps the canopy both rugged and lightweight.


The MITS Alloy canopy door design has ushered in the era of seamlessly hinged doors featuring a novel door fold design and an incorporated rain gutter system. This system efficiently diverts rainwater away from the door opening and works together with the dust and weather seals throughout the canopy ensuring a more resilient and weather-resistant canopy design.

All MITS Alloy Canopies come standard with a modular extrusion mounting system; flush floor; CNC rubber floor mat; proprietary rubber mounting; lift off points; textured black powder coat; 12v panel mounting; door lock protection surround; black whale tail locks; unique rain gutter design; roof rack extrusion.

Raw aluminum or custom color match options are available by special order.

Fitting out your new MITS Alloy canopy is a simple process thanks to the Unistrut construction within the canopy itself.

All of the available accessories bolt in quickly and easily with a 13mm socket so you can organize it exactly how you want - and configure it differently if your needs change in the future.

Internal Accessories:

  • Drawers
  • Dividers
  • Fridge drop slide
  • Pantry
  • Drop shelf
  • Power panels

External Accessories:

  • Spare tire holders
  • Roof rack
  • Lift off legs
  • Fuel can holder
  • Crossbars
  • Awning mounts

The MITS Alloy canopies are available for mid-size and full-size trays. In addition, they have several different lengths.

Mid-Size lengths

  • 1000mm (3.2’)
  • 1500mm (4.9’)
  • 1850mm (6.0’)
  • 1985mm (6.5’)

Full-Size lengths

  • 1000mm (3.2’)
  • 1500mm (4.9’)
  • 1700mm (5.5’)
  • 2135mm (7.0’)
  • 2435mm (7.9’)

for the tradesman

The MITS Alloy Tray and Canopy system provides a perfect mobile work center for contractors from a variety of trades. While the tray features tool boxes, a slide out drawer, and a headboard water tank making it useful even by itself, the addition of the 3 door trade style canopy turns your truck into a highly organized, secure and functional mobile shop.

Contact us to discuss specific options for your trade and explore our photo gallery to learn more.


First Responders

First responders using a MITS Alloy equipped command truck can benefit in several ways, enhancing their ability to effectively manage and respond to emergencies.

The canopy can be equipped with advanced electrical systems for charging and communications. The system efficiently organizes and carries a variety of equipment and supplies in a secure yet easy to access, weather proof location. The truck based canopy setup provides a centralized emergency operations center for personnel wherever it's needed. And, each canopy and vehicle can be custom outfitted with specific cargo and lighting needs.

MITS Alloy

Full size canopy

Starting at $8250

Ford F150-350, Ram 2500-3500, 2nd Gen+ Tundra, Silverado, Etc

MITS Alloy

mid size canopy

Starting at $7550

Jeep JT, Toyota Tacoma, Chevy Colorado, Ford Ranger, 1st Gen Tundra, Etc

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