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by AEV

Available for in-store purchase only

Please contact us using the information at the bottom of this page if you're interested in purchasing.

AEV 3″ High Capacity Coil Springs are a direct fit upgrade for 4-Door JL Wrangler customers with an AEV 2.5″ DualSport Suspension System already installed on their vehicle. Developed with the true overland enthusiast in mind, these frequency-tuned, progressive rate coil springs provide the increased load carrying capacity necessary for heavily loaded vehicles, while still offering the exceptional ride quality, handling and off-road articulation that AEV is known for.

• Standard Load Coil Springs are optimized for an AEV-spec Wrangler with typical gear/cargo inside. This means the ideal ride height, handling and overall performance will be achieved on a vehicle with steel bumpers, winch, full-size spare and recovery gear (+0-400 lbs. over factory weight).

• High Capacity Coil Springs are specifically designed for overland enthusiasts who have a fully outfitted vehicle that is also consistently loaded with heavier gear (+400-600 lbs.), such as modular cargo systems or roof rack/rooftop tent combinations.

While these coil springs will work for a lighter weight vehicle, customers should be aware that it will sit higher than advertised and have a slightly stiffer ride – not excessively harsh or intolerable, but also not nearly as pleasant for daily use as a vehicle within our target weight range.

AEV High Capacity coil springs are engine specific and only sold as a complete set of front/rear springs in order to preserve the optimal vehicle handling dynamics that our DualSport suspensions provide.

Available for 2.0, 3.6, 6.4 Gas and 3.0 Diesel engine equipped Jeeps.

Please note: AEV High Capacity Coil Springs are NOT compatible with 2-Door Wrangler models. Exceeding GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) and/or RGAWR (Rear Gross Axle Weight Rating) will cause changes in the vehicle’s braking, steering and overall handling performance. AEV never recommends exceeding GVWR/RGAWR.