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by ARB
SKU 3480010


The ARB Summit Bumper is designed as a full bumper replacement with off-road use in mind. Compatible with winches up to 10,000lb, it provides needed off-road protection, twin jack points, rated recovery points, while accommodating adaptive cruise control and parking sensors. The width of the Summit Bumper blends seamlessly into the vehicle design, complementing either wide or narrow fender flares.


• Vehicle specific design suits the 2021 Ford Bronco
• Compatible with winches up to 10,000lb
• Durable, steel construction for maximum protection
• Twin jack points located in lower pan to suit ARB Jack and mechanical jacks
• Twin forged bar-mounted ARB Rated 8T recovery points
• Wing design allows for a 37” tire to be fitted (suitable suspension lift and rim off set required)
• Approximate weight of the bumper, chassis mounts and fitting kit is 172lb
• EDP20 Ecoat under powder coat used for additional corrosion resistance
• Finished in Integrit black textured powder coat
• Suits ARB UVP (PN 5480010) and OE Ford under panel
• Suits the use of OE LED fog lights


Laser cut provision is provided in the pan and each wing for the Original Equipment front parking sensors. OE parking sensors have been mapped and their performance closely replicated when fitted to the Bronco.

The outer side facing sensors are located approximately 3in higher, 0.4in inward and 4in forward. Inner sensors are located approximately 0.3in higher, 1.5in outward and 7.5in forward than the OE configuration.

When fitted with larger diameter tires, these parking sensor positions and range may also be affected. Further real-world testing has been conducted evaluating the operation of the sensors against such items as trash cans, parking posts, wire fences, large rocks and steep driveway entrances. Test results show that sensor performance is replicated as close as practical with the change in height of the sensors location.

Painting of parking sensors is not recommended due to the potential unknown effect on the operation of the sensors. Sensor plugs as shown in the photos are included for vehicles without parking sensors.


ARB’s bumper for the Ford Bronco accepts the OE LED fog light (when fitted) in a plastic fog light housing in each wing. (Standard Summit Bumper setup).

For those vehicles without OE fog lights, supplementary fitting kit (PN 3580010) has been developed. The kit includes an ARB-developed fog light and wiring loom.


The Ford Bronco is fitted with Adaptive Cruise Control depending on the specification. The ARB bumper incorporates provision for the relocation of the radar unit to a position that is 8in forward, 3in right and 5in higher than the OE position.

The standard OE Adaptive Cruise Control cover and adjustment are retained.


The ARB Summit Bumper for the Bronco features dual bar-mounted 8T rated forged recovery points. The points are rated to 8T in a direction of pull up to the maximum turn angle of the front wheels.

ARB’s recovery points are suitable for use with traditional 4.75T rated bow shackles or ARB Soft Shackle PN ARB2018.


Each bumper comes standard with two reinforced high lift jacking points fitted to the center pan, perfect for use with the ARB Jack.


The following winches fit the 3480010 ARB Summit Winch Bumper:

• Warn M8000, XD9000, 9.5XP, 9.5XDC – fitment has not been confirmed. Control boxes may need to be relocated. The winch body fits but control box may not fit under top pan press form

• Warn ZEON 8, 8-S, 10, 10-S; ZEON Platinum 10, 10-S; VR EVO 8, 8-S, 10 and 10-S

The ARB Summit Winch Bumper to suit the Bronco mounts the winch in a feet down orientation. Control boxes can be left on the winch assembly. Access for the remote is through the top pan of the bumper and the clutch handle is easily accessed via the split pan grill door or through the open top pan.