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Front Runner Cub Pack


Stop messing around with temporary cargo carrying solutions. Get down to business with these latching, stackable and durable storage containers.

These plastic compact sized storage boxes are easy to arrange in a cargo bed and vertical-sided to avoid wasted space.
  • The nesting lids design allows the Front Runner Cub Packs to stack securely to each other.
  • Made from black, high strength plastic.
  • Integrated grips for easy carrying.
  • Versatile.
  • Suitable for exterior storage. For even greater protection on your vehicle, store in a Transit Bag / Large
  • Use as a safe and secure roof rack storage solution

Materials used:
Black high density polyethelene (HDPE) plastic

Product Dimensions:
L 440mm (17.3") x W 315mm (12.4") x H 210mm (8.3")

Internal Dimensions:
W 385mm (15.2") x L 270mm (10.6") x H 185mm (7.3")

2.04kg (3.52lbs)

Tip: How is the cub pack different from the Front Runner Wolf Pack? The Cub Packs are smaller than our Wolf Packs. They are very similar in design, however the Cub Packs have a lid with sliding locks, where as the Wolf Pack (SBOX008) has a lid that the fastens to the box with latches. They both have a nesting lid design allows the them to stack securely to each other. However, the Cub Pack will not stack securely on a Wolf Pack, and visa versa.