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Goose Gear Land Cruiser 80 Side x Side Drawer Module - 43 3/8" Wide x 40" Depth

SKU 2424 GG

Land Cruiser 80 Series Specific Side x Side Drawer Module

This module is designed specifically for the LC 80 and comes in 8" height only to work with optional items such as sleeping platforms and storage compartments.

Side x Side Modules are available in 50/50 split, 1/3-2/3 split and 2/3-1/3 split configurations. The 1/3-2/3 split have the smaller drawer on the left side of the module and the 2/3-1/3 split have the smaller drawer on the right side of the module.

This Land Cruiser Specific Module features a bullet lined top plate for increased durability as well as a location to mount additional items such as anchors for fridge and cooler straps etc. The top plate is slightly narrower than the drawer top to allow the addition of Wheel Well Wings. The Wheel Well Wings extend over the wheel wells and enclose the space between the module and the outside edge of the vehicle interior. This creates a flat surface that runs from wall to wall, seat back to back door. The hatch doors use Blum Euro hinges and mount to the side profile of the Side x Side Module. They are adjustable and also feature a quick release mechanism for easy removal.

Featuring 350# rated drawer guides with 34" of travel. We recommend no more than 100# per drawer. This module requires the LC80 Rear Plate system for proper installation.

Module weight including top plate and wings is 125.4 pounds

Requires LC80 Rear plate for proper installation.