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Are you looking for a compact or smaller version of our famous Camp Braai? Are you going on hiking or biking trips wishing you had a compact Camp BBQ/Braai that is small enough to fit in your backpack?

The Travel Braai is a lightweight option for when travelling or for people just looking for a smaller version of our famous Camp BBQ/Braai. The handle slides into the basket, making it the perfect compact Travel BBQ/Braai. The stainless steel stand is the ideal height for most situations and now offers two heat levels. It features a new stainless steel clip to keep the stand open while braaing. We have now introduced a two-level system for those days you forgot to check on the fire and have very little coals.

It’s Large:

  • Basket: 11.02" (W)  x 11.02" (H) x 1.18" (D)
  • Stand: 10.24" x 10.24"
  • 3.3 lbs

It’s Adjustable:

  • 2 adjustable basket settings
  • 2 stand height (heat) levels for perfectly cooked meat every time

It’s Versatile:

Use it for…

  • Slow cooking or roasting
  • Thick steaks or ribs
  • Boerewors / Farmers sausages
  • Chicken, drumsticks, wings, kebabs
  • Marinated lamb chops
  • Seafood & freshwater fish
  • Boiling water
  • A bacon & eggs breakfast
  • Coffee/tea
  • Toast
  • Potato bake
  • Much, much more!

It’s Made To Last A Lifetime:

  • Premium Quality 304 Stainless Steel
  • Highly rust resistant

It’s Compact & Lightweight

  • Stand folds flat
  • Easy to Clean
  • Easy to Transport
  • Durable, hand-washable carry bag included

Whether your South African or Australian or American, if you’re seeking the ultimate outback camping experience, you can’t look past the simplistic brilliance of the new Travel Braai.

Oz Braai has thought of absolutely everything to ensure it’s both versatile, practical and convenient – because the last thing you want while exploring the great outdoors is to lug something around that’s bulky, hard to use, hard to clean, and has only one function!

In fact, so good is the Travel Braai, it’s not just a ‘must-have’ item for overlanders, it appeals to EVERYONE! Whether you’re on a camping, hiking or biking trip, RV'ing up and down the coast, or sitting around the firepit in your own suburban backyard, the Travel Braai is the ultimate fire cooking gadget.