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Baja Designs Squadron/S2 Wire Harness 3 Light Max 325 Watts

SKU 613600

This Squadron/S2 Wire Harness 3 Light Max 325 Watts harness can be installed on almost any vehicle and will power our Squadron, SII, Fuego, PreRunner and LaPaz lights. This harness now includes a splitter harness which allows you to run three (3) lights on one harness and an ON/OFF switch kit.

It also includes splice connectors in the event you wanted to trigger the lights via your high beam.


  • Includes relay switch.
  • Three (3) two-pin Weather Pak connections to run multiple lights
  • Switch Kit (On/Off)
  • Splice Connectors for High Beam
  • Draws power directly from battery terminals.
  • Built to accomodate most truck, buggies, and cars.