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2015 Holiday Gift Guide

With the Holidays quickly approaching we wanted to help out with your difficult holiday shopping. We have compiled a list of some of our most sought after products that any overlander would be happy to find under the tree come Christmas day.

Under 20 Dollars

International 7 Language Gasoline Only Sticker $3.95

As more and more of us dream of international travel this little sticker could save you from a potential disaster. With Gasoline written in 7 languages you will be sure that whoever fills your vehicle or re fills your gas cans knows that you are looking for gasoline only.

Rolla Roaster Rotating Campfire Stick $12.95

The Rolla Roaster is one of those "why didn't I think of that?" products. Instead of using the errant stick you found. These beautifully made roasters come in numerous colors, have a telescoping fork so they pack down small yet extend out when you need it, and lastly allow you to rotate whatever you are roasting so it cooks nice and even.

ARB D Ring Shackle $13.95

I have a hard time thinking I could have too many shackles. Whether they are hanging from your bumper, hooking a tree saver around a tree, or oddly disappearing into your buddies tool bag, it always helps to have a few more. These shackles are rated at 10,640 lbs and are the perfect stocking stuffer.


Under 50 Dollars 

ARB Tire Inflator with Air Gauge $29.95

Airing down and airing up ones tires is an essential part of traveling off road. Creating a larger contact patch on the ground will benefit your ride and your traction on almost all terrain. When it comes time to refill your tires this Inflator hooks up inline with a compressor and gives you a read out as you fill up.

ARB E-Z Tire Deflator $39.99

As you now know Airing down your tires is a critical part of off highway travel. Even though the process is relativity easy, there is always room for improvement. The ARB E-Z deflator pulls the valve core out of your tire gets air out FAST. All while giving you a reading of what your pressure is. Gone are the days of shoving your key into your valve stem hoping for the best. This is quick and painless. Paired with the above inflator this makes airing down and up a breeze.

JAKJAW Hi-Lift Jack Adapter $41.95

If you have used the ubiquitous Hi-Lift jack you know that it can sometimes get a little hairy. The JakJaw takes everything that is great about the Hi-Lift and makes it even better. Increasing the size of your lifting point and making it into a claw shape practically locks your Hi-Lift to what you are lifting. Bumpers, or rock sliders become easy to use lift points with the JakJaw.

Under 100 Dollars

Rotopax 2 Gallon Gas Can $65.95

The Rotopax is one of the coolest things since sliced bread. If you are looking to store a few gallons somewhere, you are hard pressed to find anything else. The Rotopax design is meant to be mounted just about anywhere you want. Hang one or two off your spare tire or connect two together and stow them on your roof rack.

Wavian 5 Gallon Jerry Can $79.99

Where the Rotopax is made for storing a small amount of fuel in unique places, the Wavian jerry can is designed for storing the most fuel in the most bulletproof way possible. These German engineered fuel containers are painted inside and out and are designed to be the last gas can you will ever need to buy.

Tepui Tents Expedition Tool Case $85.00

If you are like me, you can never have too many bags and boxes. I am always moving things around in search of that "perfect" layout. The Tepui Expedition Tool Case is a sturdy tool bag filled with pouches and dividers making it an excellent bag for storing tools, trinkets, and what have you.


Under 500 Dollars

Cook Partner 22" Stove with Windscreen $279.99

The Cook Partner stove is one of the favorite stoves we have ever used. Unlike some other brands out there, these stoves stay at the temperature you set them and they are built for abuse. Designed for River Rafting Outfitters these are built for a life of being thrown around and dropped. You can use them with standard big propane bottles, and with a small adapter they work with 1 lb bottles.

Maxtrax Recovery Board $299.99

Even with other options out there the Maxtrax Recovery Board is used the world over because it simply does what it is designed to do. These strong, yet light boards can be mounted on roof racks, or off your spare tire or kept inside a tidy storage bag inside your rig.

ARB Premium Recovery Kit $399.95

Perfect for someone just getting interested in Overland travel. This kit comes with a nice high quality bag to store everything in, a kinetic recovery strap, a tree saver, a winch extension strap, a winch line damper, a 10,640 lb D ring shackle, a snatch block, and a nice pair of gloves. This is a perfect chance to pick up some essential items at a nice price.

Hopefully this list will help you out in your holiday shopping, if you still need gift ideas we also have Mule Gift Cards available.

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