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A night with Pablo and Anna

A night with Pablo and Anna

On October 15th 2015 we were lucky enough to host Pablo and Anna Rey! They came out and gave a presentation about their travels. It is hard to chat with them without wanting to immediately hit the road to destinations unknown. These two have been on the road since June of 2000. After leaving Spain they took the long road south through Eastern Africa, then took a boat to Argentina where they have worked their way north.

Their van is a 1991 Mitsubishi L300 Delica

Every time they stop they throw a map up on their windscreen to tell people where they have been, and where they are going next.

A comfy home on four wheels.

Pablo and Anna have been on the road for 15 years. Their presentation was funny, and insightful. They showed pictures from the road and told a few stories. Both their van and their relationship have evolved over the years, and it feels like they are ready to take on anything.

Pablo and Anna were kind enough to answer questions from our guests.

"Keep it simple, you'll go further" A good motto for anybody, but especially travelers.

Pablo and Anna Rey are living out their dreams. They are keen to see everyone do the same. At the end of the day it is not about the destination but the journey. These two started out to go around the world in four years, they are fifteen years in and are still on that same trip. It begs the question. Where will you go next?

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